spam. In case of false positives, you can yourself override the decision Hotmail made by marking the sender’s message as spam or on the other hand marking the email as Not Junk same applies to newsletters. In this article, Hotmail support will teach you how to guarantee that persons’ emails never go to the spam folder and that a newsletter never gets filtered as junk. Make sure that a sender prevents messaging you. To remove emails from a certain sender, you can compose mail filters-but these are practiced once the email arrives your inbox, which means that they only concern “non-spam”.

Edit your safe sender list & safe mailing lists using the following keys.

  • Sign in to the Hotmail account, click the gear icon.
  • At the top right corner of the page from the dropdown, select Options.
  • Click the Safe & blocked senders link on the next screen. It is located under Preventing junk email option. Now move ahead to Mark a sender as safe.
  • The 3 blue headers will appear on the next page. Select the first one ‘Safe Senders’.
  • Your safe sender’s list will be blank by default and will appear on the right.
  • Mark an individual email ID as safe, enter it in full inside the text box.
  • Click the Add to list button and after doing so the emails from a person will always reach your inbox.

You try these if you want to mark a domain as secure

  • Type the part of the email ID that is after @ sign.
  • Users can optionally add the ‘@’ symbol itself.
  • Give a click on Add to list as before.
  • You will not add free webmail provider domain to your safe list, since that add over a billion people, some of whom are spammers.
  • When you create your Hotmail you asked to input a code “to prove that you are not a robot”. Though it is not foolproof, it assists keep ‘spambot’ at bay.

If you are looking for further help or find any difficulty in understanding the methods mentioned above, contact us. Feel free to get in touch with Hotmail Customer Phone Number. Our specialists are sitting right here to provide the best resolutions.